The walls cave in

Just how poorly are things going for the Republican Party right now? On Tuesday, Donald Trump posted a retweet calling for Georgia’s Republican Governor Brian Kemp to be put in prison. Trump can’t actually do that, but it demonstrates the extent to which he’s turning Republicans against each other on his way out. This is a particular problem for the GOP in Georgia, with voting now underway in the crucial Senate runoffs.

Speaking of the walls caving in, Republican Senate Homeland Security Chair and professional idiot Ron Johnson decided to hold a hearing on Wednesday to support lunatic conspiracy theories about how Donald Trump somehow secretly won the election. Johnson has botched the whole thing so badly, Senate Democrats now have Chris Krebs testifying at Johnson’s hearings. Krebs is the election security expert that Trump fired in retaliation last month. In other words, this hearing – which was supposed to create positive publicity for Trump – will end up creating even more negative publicity for him.


– Tweet of the day, from Joe Biden’s Secretary of Transportation nominee Pete Buttigieg: “This is a moment of tremendous opportunity—to create jobs, meet the climate challenge, and enhance equity for all. I’m honored that the President-elect has asked me to serve our nation as Secretary of Transportation … Innovation in transportation helped build my hometown, and it propels our country. Now is the time to build back better through modern and sustainable infrastructure that creates millions of good-paying union jobs, revitalizes communities, and empowers all Americans to thrive.”

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