The ugly fallout from the Republican primary debate

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There was not much good about the third Republican debate on NBC, particularly the fact that a question on abortion did not even come until most of the way through the debate (more on that in another article.) The debate itself was horrible. Here is my summary of the good, the bad and the ugly. (There wasn’t much good.)

DeSantis got the first question. Why should HE be President and not Trump? (This was one of the ONLY times Trump’s name was ever brought up.The moderators, it seems did not know he exists.) TikTok got more attention than Trump did.

DeSantis gave a very boring response that did mention conquering the “elites.” Listening to Ron? “Like watching paint dry,” said one person on Twitter. I agree.

Haley invoked fear about what our children are being taught in the classrooms. I say to Haley, what about fear in the classrooms of armed gunmen who spray bullets at them? Haley did not take that issue on, nor was it even asked about.

Then there is Vivek. Vivek is crazy. Vivek called his own party a bunch of losers. In fact, they are, but so is Vivek. He attacked Ronna McDaniel. He also has the nastiest, most abrasive personality I’ve ever seen. He is bitter gasoline. He truly is. His voice makes DeSantis sound like Billy Joel. Seriously.

Vivek unleashed his inner incel straight at Nikki Haley, which was a mistake. He also called her Dick Cheney in heels, which was crass. Then Vivek attacked the moderators! Undoubtedly, he hoped for some trump voters to swim his way. Vivek waded into the cesspool of shit and declared Elon Musk or Tucker Carlson should have been moderators.

Oh, one more thing. The moderators hate Vivek. I can confidently say this because one can HEAR it in their voices, significantly when cutting him off during one of his many interruptions. Tim Scott wants to turn everyone into a Christian. There was a lot of violence in his rhetoric tonight.

He said there was blood dripping from Biden and Obama (metaphorically) and talked about cutting the head off the snake.

Here is what I think. Tim Scott should quit the Senate and write a horror screenplay, perhaps in the spirit of Nightmare on Elm Street. He’d be a lot better at that, and since the Hollywood strikes are over, he’d have ample opportunity to do just that.

Haley was VERY slick. She is TERRIFIC – at evading questions. Nikki Haley said, “Be honest with the American people” about abortion (when it was finally asked about.)

A ban cannot pass. We do not have 60 senators. Ah, but later on, she said this: “I would support anything that would pass.” See? She IS slick.

Christie showed some sensitivity. The applause was close to zero. It was painful. The moral of the story? We not only won on TUESDAY, but We’re also the winners of this awful, no good, very bad debate.

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