The Trump DOJ spying scandal just got even uglier

Earlier this week I pointed out that several of Donald Trump’s scandals were all starting to come to a head at the same time, even as the Manhattan District Attorney comes closer to criminally indicting him and his Trump Organization henchmen. I also predicted that the ugly details of Trump’s criminal scandals would continue to surface. Sure enough, his DOJ spying scandal just got even uglier.

Bill Barr, Jeff Sessions, and Rod Rosenstein have all claimed that they knew nothing of the spying scandal. But House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler is now pointing out that DOJ personnel weren’t allowed to subpoena the personal data of members of Congress, without the approval of the Attorney General.

This only leaves two possibilities. The first is that Barr, Sessions, or Rosenstein (who had final authority when Sessions recused himself) signed off on the spying and is now lying about it. This would seemingly be a tacit admission on that person’s part that there’s legal jeopardy involved, or else why lie about it? The second possibility is that someone else in the DOJ was secretly illegally operating the spying scandal without authorization; such an individual would be nearly a lock for prison.

Either way, the truth will continue to come out. Those within the Trump DOJ who didn’t participate in the criminal scandal will be inclined to point fingers at those who did, in order to cover themselves. This will only get uglier – and it’ll only help increase the odds of it turning into a federal criminal investigation.

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