The Republican Party just can’t quit Vladimir Putin

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There is a popular expression — “I just can’t quit….” Insert whatever your vice is there. Perhaps you can’t quit ice cream or staying up late or (like this writer) making fun of Matt Gaetz. Most people have SOMETHING they just cannot quit. For the Republicans — they just can’t quit making stupid mistakes — over and over and over again, like some lurid and vulgar caricature of themselves. Yes, they’ve done it again. So let us begin at the beginning.

A strong and defiant President Biden doubled down on his comments about Putin not remaining in power. And I am so glad he did! Those comments were true, and it’s good to see President Biden take ownership of them.

The Republican party seemed glad as well, but not for the same reasons we are. See, the Republicans wanted to use Biden’s comments to paint him as unhinged. Only it didn’t work. In so doing, it is the Republicans who appeared to be unhinged.

The @rncresearch Twitter account is controlled by the Republican National Committee. And they were quick to try to smear Biden on Twitter. Here is what they said: “Biden again says Putin shouldn’t remain in power.” __ RNC Research (@RNCResearch) March 28, 2022

Oh, dear. You can guess what happened, my friends, can you not? It was the Putin-loving tweet seen round the world — or at least around Twitter.

Twitter users were seemingly puzzled on why not wanting Putin to remain in power would be a BAD thing. And quicker than one could say “traitor,” Twitter pounced.

“Are the republicans pro-Putin?”

“How f*cking stupid is the person running this account?”

“The Republicans disagree because they don’t want to lose half their funding.”

“Are you going to be tweeting in support of David Duke next?”

“No shit. He shouldn’t.”

“the GOP is rootin for Putin!”

“be sure to run with that in the Midterms, guys.”

“Biden’s kickin ass. You guys are asses.”

“You know — morals.”

“GOP — Gaslight, obstruct, project.”

“Is the blood money really worth it?”

“You’re mad that he’s talking about your leader that way.”

As you can see, this tweet, which at the time of this writing remains up, did not go over very well. In fact, I am not sure I sure one response that was Pro-GOP — a remarkable thing. It does appear that for every two steps forward, the GOP takes 10 steps back, does it not? Let’s keep it that way.

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