The Republican love affair from hell

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I’d like to tell you about a great love affair, a love affair that is so strong, so deep, and so firm that nothing, not a thing, could ever undo it. It is more than an infatuation. This love affair has been going on for years. It’s amorous and dreamy, as the world conspired to pull these two forces together in love (and war), forsaking all children, and even shootings won’t make them part.

It is the great love affair of republicans and guns. And make no mistake; this love affair shall not be broken! For republicans, it is the color that brightens their bland and gloomy lives. They wear it on lapel pins. They boast about it in interviews. And they dismiss like flies on their shoulders, the collateral damage this affair leaves behind.

Allow me to show you how brightly the love of republicans burns. Republican Rep. Tim Burchett of Tennessee spoke to reporters mere hours after the Nashville shooting. And he reiterated his devotion to his deepest love, guns.

“Three precious little kids lost their lives, and I believe three adults, I believe, and the shooter, of course, lost their lives too. So, it’s a horrible, horrible situation. And we’re not gonna fix it.”

Those are such caring and empathetic words.

“Taking guns away is not the answer,” Rep Steve Scalise insisted, adding encouragement for people to “pray.” Ah, prayer. Thoughts and prayers. We can’t go any. further, Senator John Cornyn of Texas told reporters. They had asked him what more the senate could do on gun-related legislation.

Interestingly, Republicans seem to have no problem with banning abortion and books, but banning guns are such a concern to them. That’s because they’re in love. It’s the biggest affair of the republicans’ lives, the only one that matters. And with this love affair, comes power and money and prestige and endorsements — screw anything else. All’s fair in love, right?

The only way to break up THIS love affair is to vote. Vote, vote, vote. And take back the lives of our children and their right to go to school without having to quiver in terror, wondering if today is the day they don’t go home.

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