The Republican apocalypse

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Did you know that apocalyptic events are coming? These events will perhaps result in global extinction — the collapse of civilization — and it’s coming soon. Unless you elect…

The above phrase is not true. However, it is subliminal messaging. It’s the subliminal messaging behind the message of the GOP. If you stop and think about it, the Apocalypse is the subliminal image behind ALL their messaging. Let’s look at how successfully they have used this technique. Think about the imaginary caravans that many, including Fox non-news, warned people of.

The underlying message, of course, was of terror — of bands of monsters coming to commit unspeakable acts more horrible than any horror film. And then there is the mythical Antifa — a group that doesn’t exist, and yet the GOP has been able to use this non-existent group to terrorize their own voters.

Critical race theory — or CRT — the message there is “they’re going to hurt the children!” It is also a message of terror — of fear — or apocalyptic happenings coming to a child near you soon.

And, of course, guns. I have written before about the mythical band of strangers coming to take away their guns. These folks don’t exist, but it helps republicans immensely to keep these shadowy figures alive and flickering. But there’s the thing — we can beat them. We can turn the tables. Indeed we already are.

Think about the fear that’s been on display from republicans since the Texas school shooting. The Republicans have lost their strut. Now they don’t strut — they run — to get away from inquisitive reporters who are actually asking them real questions.

And the GOP can’t handle it. They have no problem talking about the non-existent apocalyptic events. But those events aren’t real. THIS school shooting WAS real. It happened. It’s a horrible reality.

And the GOP has no answers. That’s why they buzz off every time a reporter comes within speaking distance. It’s because they have nothing to say. So — that’s how we win. THAT is how we reveal them. The GOP is hiding the real apocalyptic event — the real terror — guns and what they’re capable of –, and if we keep on them, their disguise will continue to crumble.

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