The real reason we’re suddenly landing so many big wins in a row

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Donald Trump has been arrested for 34 felonies. Victory in the crucial Wisconsin election. The DOJ has gained Mike Pence as a grand jury witness against Trump. Why are so many good things happening in a row? Because a lot of good smart people spent a long time doing hard work to get things to the point where these things can now happen.

The Manhattan DA had to spend a long time turning over every rock so that once he indicted Trump, he’d be in a position to shoot down every defense strategy or wacky legal stunt that Trump might try.

The Democratic Party and Democratic activist groups had to spend a long time convincing would-be activists like you to get on board with wanting to fight and win these “little” races like a state Supreme Court or a state legislature. But we’re there now, so we usually win these things.

The DOJ (dating back to way before Jack Smith) had to spend a very long time building up its case so overwhelmingly that the courts finally said okay, privilege is out the window. So now the DOJ gets grand jury testimony from Pence, Meadows, Corcoran and other crucial witnesses.

Our side is now winning so many of these battles in a row because our side spent so much time and effort setting the stage for being able to win these battles. You have to line things up to knock them down, so to speak.

It feels good to win. It should feel good. Let’s try to hang onto that. And let’s keep in mind that the only way we’ll get to keep that feeling going is if we keep putting in the work and setting the stage for even more wins going forward.

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