Hey Donald Trump, don’t let the door hit you in the face!

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He’s just an “average Joe.” How many times have we heard that term — average Joe? An average Joe is an ordinary citizen. An average Joe is Donald John Trump. He may not believe it. He may not like to hear it. But make no mistake, he’s an average Joe and is being treated as such.

And it’s KILLING him. I’m sure many of you saw Trump entering the courthouse. Did you happen to see the door almost hit him in the face? That’s because nobody held the door open for our traitor. Trump was on his own. And he had to — gasp of horror — OPEN THE DOOR HIMSELF.

What a moment of shame for the man who, for his whole life, has held himself above the ordinary Joe. Only he can’t do it anymore. Trump has been turned into that which he hates the most — an average Joe.

Do you know what scares me in movies? When people turn into — something else. It could be that their body becomes mirrored in the soul of another. In some horror films, people become dolls or phantoms. That kind of thing scares many people. And now it’s happened in reality — to Donald Trump. Donald Trump has become his worst fear, an ordinary everyday average Joe. It must scare the heck out of him.

This also showed in his court appearance. Trump’s attorney asked the Judge if Trump could be allowed to skip future court dates. It’s no wonder Trump wants to do that. There are sure to be a lot of them. The judge denied the request. Ordinary Joe.

Most average people would NEVER be allowed to skip all future court appearances, so why should Trump? After all — he’s an ordinary everyday person now. Welcome, Trump, to your lot in life. You are being treated as — anyone would. I believe the man must be as furious at THAT as he is at his arrest.

The shame! Treating me as if I’m not special! This is what I believe the traitor is thinking and feeling. The fact is Trump has no magic powers, much as he wishes that he did. He’s now indicted. He’s now a prisoner of the system. And he’s now just an ordinary every-man– a traitor, to be sure but still an ordinary person. How that must hurt.

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