The real reason Donald Trump is in hiding

Donald Trump is everywhere these days. His name is constantly in headlines about the 2024 election, about how he’s supposedly still running the Republican Party, and so on. The only thing missing from Trump’s omnipresence in 2021: Trump himself. He’s absolutely nowhere. He very rarely publicly surfaces. He’s basically a ghost at this point. And there’s a reason for that.

The media has spent 2021 chasing ratings by insisting that Donald Trump will be a serious candidate, perhaps even the de facto frontrunner, in the 2024 presidential election. Accordingly, Trump’s idiot supporters have spent the year sending him money – which he’s surely been using to cover his real estate debts and legal bills – because they mistakenly presume that he’s going to use the money to fund this mythical 2024 campaign.

Meanwhile back in the real world, each time Trump occasionally surfaces in public these days, it’s ever more clear that he’s in sharp decline in terms of physical and cognitive health. It’s not difficult to figure out that Trump’s babysitters are trying to keep him out of the public eye, and it’s not difficult to figure out why.

One of Trump’s favorite things to do in the world, and perhaps the only aspect of politics he ever enjoyed, is to hold rallies so he can run his mouth while his supporters drool over his every word. But he’s mostly not even doing that anymore. His handlers must be going out of their minds coming up with new excuses to feed Trump for why he can’t go hold rallies. The real reason is that each time he surfaces, another chunk of the public figures out that he’s declined way past the point of even being in the conversation for 2024. If Trump surfaces too often and too much of the public figures out that he’s a goner, the media will have to stop hyping the “Trump 2024” nonsense, and fewer of Trump’s supporters will continue sending him money for his imaginary 2024 campaign.


Donald Trump’s babysitters have figured out that as long as they keep him mostly out of the public eye, the media will keep hyping the imaginary “Trump 2024 campaign” narrative, and supporter money will keep pouring into Trump’s pocket. At this point the best thing that could happen for America is if Trump insists on returning to public life, everyone sees that he’s a senile walking corpse, and the media narratives about him having a future come to an end.

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