The media is already trying to scandalize Beto O’Rourke’s campaign

The media has already started its not-so-subtle negative-Nellie campaign against Beto O’Rourke. “Beto’s gun issue!” screamed one headline. “Beto stands by pledge to take guns!!” screamed another. “Beto not inviting Biden to campaign with him.” There were no headlines like these:

“Beto draws an audience of thousands at rally.”

“Beto raises two million in one day.”

“Beto within striking distance of Abbott in a new poll.”

People, please hear me on this. Do not believe the garbage of some of these gossipy and headline-driven pundits. I feel I have to say something about all the misinformation. Why? Because I encountered some Democrats online and actually witnessed them in the process of being demotivated. And the reason for this lack of motivation is these junk headlines.

The media is and will continue to be salivating at the thought of taking Beto — and other Democratic candidates — down. It is their game — a game that has been operating for many years.

So please do not fall for it. Not every pundit does this, but enough do so that it is becoming a real issue. Everything I said above is true. These are the FACTS. Beto just held a rally, and it was packed.

He was asked about his comment regarding guns, and he was diplomatic in his answer. I should also add that he has barely been asked about anything else, such as the power grid or the Texas abortion law. Apparently, his gun comment is the only issue in Texas as far as these pundits are concerned.

The newest poll puts Beto six points behind Abbott, which more than a year out is good — and it is closer than he was to Ted Cruz at the beginning of that campaign. And do not forget Beto only lost to Cruz by a couple of points. Beto did raise millions within the first day of announcing. I do not like to see these garish and false headlines. So common sense must be had here.

The bottom line is that these headlines will not just occur against Beto but will be written about many democrats. Please do not let that stand in your way.


And also, remember how the media declared we could not win either the 2020 Presidential election OR the Georgia special election. We won both. We can win in 2022 if we just concentrate on our activism and work hard to make it happen.

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