The real game that Chris Christie is playing

Chris Christie knows that if he runs in 2024, he’ll likely get 1% of the vote in the Republican primary and then have to drop out. But he’ll use his failed 2024 campaign to market his next book and make millions. And the media will spend his entire campaign pretending it’s real and not a book tour.

Why do you think Christie has spent the past couple years working for a mainstream media outlet? It’s allowed him to make friends with reporters and build up favors with them, so they’ll help him market his books. These things are always about book deals. It’s where the money is.


Unfortunately, book tours disguised as presidential campaigns are a new trend, very profitable for the people who do it, but obviously not good for the nation. This won’t stop until the media at large begins calling it out. But with so many mainstream media figures also cashing in on lucrative book deals, will they be willing to call out faux-candidates for doing the same?

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