Donald Trump’s Republican Senate candidate loses court battle, drops out of race [Updated]

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It looks like there is some trouble for one of Trump’s potential Senate candidates. The Cantaloupe Caligula (thanks, Readers!) had endorsed Sean Parnell for the 2022 Senate race in the state of Pennsylvania. This will be one of our most important Senate races and a race we must win!

Parnell, however, has a bit of a past. He was in a custody battle for his three children — and his estranged wife had made accusations of abuse toward him. These accusations claimed abuse toward both her and the children. Parnell has denied the allegations.

Parnell has been in this custody fight for quite a while, and reportedly, it was causing some Republicans concern. But this fight just ended. The Judge has rendered a verdict and given Laurie Snell sole legal custody. In his writing, he said that she was ” the more credible witness.”

One of Laurie Snell’s lawyers had this to say: “Ms. Snell is grateful that justice prevailed. She has been awarded sole legal and primary physical custody of their children. She will continue, as always, to focus on their best interests.”

The GOP was reportedly fervently hoping this case would render a different decision. Parnell has made many GOP members uneasy, and many have cast their eyes around for different potential candidates.

Now there are questions about whether Parnell will even stay in the race. His credibility was already taking a severe blow, and this decision will likely make things much worse.

So. what will happen now? This remains to be seen. Will this news cause Trump to double down on his endorsement? That remains to be seen as well. But one thing is for sure: we must win this seat, and there appears to be a great chance that we will. Update, 5:10pm: Parnell has announced that he’s “suspending his campaign” – political speak for dropping out of the race.

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