The QAnon loons have Michael Flynn problem

QAnon may not be happy campers at this moment in time. QAnon is a cult. Some of its members are pretty deranged. But one of them may not be as ensnared in the QAnon web as first thought.

Michael Flynn is a ghastly person who has APPEARED to be a wholehearted believer for some time now. At least, that is the image he has projected. But now, there is new information coming out that might say differently.

A recording has surfaced, and in that recording, Flynn reportedly calls the cult “total nonsense.” Lunatic Lin Wood released this recording. I should mention that Wood and Flynn appear to have had a falling out, which might be why Wood released the tape.

In the call, Wood reportedly whines about insults he’s been getting from Q folks online. Flynn then calls Q a “disinformation campaign.”

“I think it’s a disinformation campaign that the CIA created. That’s what I believe.”

“I find it total nonsense” Flynn goes on.

Ouch. Flynn also tells Wood he wants to send him an article about all the things Q believes in that have not happened. So, what’s the game here? I believe it’s money — and attention. Q, like most things connected to these people, is one big grift. But the everyday Q member does not know this.

They have no idea they’re in the middle of a gigantic grift. They’ve no idea they’re nothing more than pawns in a money game that takes advantage of their naivete, yearnings, and loneliness.


I’d feel bad for these people if many of them were not so hateful. Cults have been around for a very long time. Motivations may vary, but one thing I have always noticed about cults remains true. It never ends well for its members.

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