No wonder Mark Meadows is cooperating against Donald Trump

Yesterday we all learned that even as the January 6th Committee has been preparing to refer former Trump White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows to the DOJ for contempt of Congress, Meadows has decided at the last minute to cooperate. It’s not difficult to parse that Meadows is trying to avoid going to prison for contempt. But now it turns out he has another apparent motivation.

We all recall that Donald Trump did an in-person debate with Joe Biden on September 29th, 2020. Then on October 2nd, Trump announced that he had just tested positive for COVID, and was taken to the hospital. But Mark Meadows is telling a different version of that story.

Multiple major news outlets are reporting today that in his new book, Meadows claims Trump tested positive for COVID before the debate with Biden, but tested negative using a different kind of testing system, and decided to participate in the debate while keeping his positive test a secret.

It’s not immediately clear how pro-Trump or anti-Trump the rest of the book is. But this bombshell alone is obviously going to make Trump look very bad in the eyes of a lot of mainstream Americans, and Meadows knows this. Trump is already releasing a statement calling it “fake news,” which suggests that he and Meadows are finished. Meadows had to know this kind of response from Trump was coming as well.

So what is Mark Meadows doing? Well, he’s suddenly decided to cooperate with the January 6th Committee against Donald Trump, at the same time he’s leaking ugly details about Trump from his upcoming book. Was this the plan all along? Was Meadows trying to stall on cooperating with the committee until his book was ready for release? Is Meadows releasing a Trump tell-all book to fund his legal defense in Fulton County, Georgia, where the District Attorney has empaneled a special grand jury into election tampering?

There are a lot of questions raised here. But it’s not difficult to parse that there’s some correlation between Mark Meadows’ decision to cooperate against Donald Trump and Mark Meadows’ upcoming release of a Trump tell-all book. So let’s keep an eye on this.


Regardless of Meadows’ specific motivations, all that really matters that he is cooperating with investigators, and that he keeps cooperating. If his book is part of that, then so be it.

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