The Matt Gaetz sex trafficking scandal just went international

Based on what’s being reported, it’s now becoming clear that there are at least two aspects to the federal criminal investigation into Congressman Matt Gaetz. First there is the larger question of whether Gaetz paid women for sex and plied them with drugs. Then there is the more specific and more repulsive question of whether some of these “women” were in fact underage girls.

When the news broke over the weekend that the Gaetz probe included prostitution with women who were of age, we pointed out that there had to be more to it. The Feds don’t generally care about prostitution unless there’s something specific about it that makes it a federal crime. Now we’re starting to get that answer.

CBS News is reporting tonight that the Feds are investigating a trip Matt Gaetz took to the Bahamas a couple years ago, which allegedly saw him and his associates take “escorts” with them. This would in fact constitute sex trafficking, on account of the women having been transported across the border.

This appears to all be separate from the probe into whether Matt Gaetz had sex with underage girls and/or trafficked them during the course of his exploits. The upshot here is that the Feds are digging into every aspect of Gaetz’s sex life, and they’re finding all kinds of allegedly criminal aspects along the way. The federal probe into Gaetz is clearly pretty massive – and that doesn’t tend to happen unless the Feds have reason to believe they’re really onto something.

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