Feds reportedly inform another Florida Republican politician he’s a criminal target in Matt Gaetz scandal

By now you know the story: the Feds began investigating the cartoonishly deranged behavior of a former Tax Collector in Florida named Joel Greenberg, that probe expanded to include alleged underage sex trafficking, and that in turn led the Feds to begin investigating Congressman Matt Gaetz for the same. But all along, the reports referenced an unnamed third Florida politician who was also being targeted by the probe. Now that name has reportedly surfaced.

Florida Politics is now reporting that Halsey Beshears, who resigned from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ administration citing “health issues” in January, has recently received a “target letter” from federal investigators in relation to the Greenberg-Gaetz scandal. If this proves true, it means that the Feds intend to criminally indict Beshears as part of this scandal, and they’re notifying him in advance in case he wants to either try to convince them that he’s innocent or cut a plea deal.

The fact that a Matt Gaetz associate is already reportedly receiving a target letter in this scandal is the latest sign of just how far long the federal criminal probe has progressed, and how thoroughly mapped out this whole thing is. Gaetz already had to worry that Greenberg could flip on him. Now he may have to worry that another associate of his could flip on him as well.

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