The “Insurrection Seven” exposed

Fear. Fear is a strange thing. It has no physical form, yet it has its own specific aura. Fear is always dark and sometimes terrifying. It is not an emotion to take lightly. And the “insurrection 7” as they have been branded on Twitter should be feeling fear. Because if all of the Rolling Stone information is true, these folks are in quite a bit of trouble.

Boebert. Greene. Meadows. Cawthorn. Gohmert. Biggs. Brooks. Gosar. And who knows who else? I’d like to say a few things here. First off, I wasn’t all that surprised. Were you? These creatures clearly knew a lot more than they were telling. None of these people had clean hands, and we all knew it. Kudos to Rolling Stone for doing what is being described by many as “Pulitzer Prize level reporting.”

The other thing is: do not be surprised when more comes out. I cannot say for sure, but my gut level tells me there is even more here than meets the eye. I expect more bombshells. It would surprise me deeply if there WERE NOT more.

And third: As of the time of this writing, there is silence on Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Twitter account. No tweets from her since before the Rolling Stone story.


It will be interesting in the upcoming days to listen to these vile people try to come up with their excuses (lies.) Let’s make sure the Media does its job and accurately reports on this news. Let’s keep it front and center.

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