The GOP persecution complex

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Everybody wants to know what the GOP stands for. Voters want to know. Pundits want to know. You and I and all the world want to know — who is the GOP? And I think we have an answer — they are the grand old conspiracy party. Conspiracies. This is literally all the GOP is these days. They are one group of writhing, screeching, angry, shrill, malignant, insane conspiracy theorists with a persecution complex.

Jill Lawrence of the Bulwark wrote an excellent common about this very subject. She suggests that the following two years in the House will be all about grievances, conspiracies, and oodles of fake news. Think about it. And let me help you in that regard. I have compiled below a list of just who the republicans think are out to get them — who they’re being persecuted by. It’s an enlightening list:




All democratic voters

All democratic politicians

Critical Race Theory


Dr. Fauci

Hunter Biden

Joe Biden

Dr. Jill Biden




LGBTQ people


The elderly who dare to want to keep social security intact

Democratic attorneys

Covid vaccine advocates

Pro-choice individuals


Peaceful protesters

Everybody who is not them

I’m sure I forgot a few. My apologies for that. You see, these next two years, this article says, will be a test to see if “conspiracies still sell.” The GOP has become the party of poor, poor little me.

All over, people want to persecute them. Everybody hates them! And they are here to fight for YOU, the American voter. That is their message. THAT IS the only message they have. So the question becomes — who is going to vote for a party that offers nothing but fake persecutions and pity parties?

Not as many as before. That is evidenced in the battles we’ve won and the large amounts of people changing their voter registrations from Republican to Democrat. But they will certainly make noise. They have to. Conspiracies sell. And the persecution complexes of paranoid and insane republicans are all they have left to offer people. It is my hope that few are buying.

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