The game is rigged

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The game was rigged. Of course, it was. And nobody should be surprised at the outcome. A panel of quack judges of the notoriously conservative 5th circuit began to hear oral arguments in the Mifepristone case Wednesday.

One did not even have to wait a few hours to see which way the wind was blowing. One of the Judges, Judge Ho, insulted the Pro–choice attorneys almost immediately with these unhinged words: “When we celebrate Mother’s, did we celebrate an illness?”

This stupid comment was referencing a fake argument by the antichoice crowd that the FDA has classified pregnancy as an illness to get Mifeprisotjne approved. Sounds like a sane and well-adjusted man. (sarcasm.)

But the fun wasn’t over for the crazy judges. Judge Jennifer Walker Elrod decided the Pro-choicers had been too hard on Texas Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk and perhaps hurt his fee-fees a bit too much. So she proceeded to scold the lawyers: “You think it’s appropriate to attack the district court personally in the case that way?”

Elrod continued her insanity by asking for information about adverse reactions to Mifeprosotone. How is such information gathered? She asked if it was gathered from the hospital or “God forbid the morgue?”

The fact that few have died from taking Mifepristone, is a pesky little fact she apparently chose to ignore. Friends and readers, I’ve always pledged to be honest with you. So although this sham is not yet over, I doubt we will win at the 5th Circuit, and this case will likely go back to the Supreme Court.

Remember once, a long time ago, I said Maga was the biggest threat to America? That time has passed. In my humble opinion, the biggest threat is biased and incompetent Judges like these.
They are not following the letter of the law.

I’m sure they know that, but I doubt they care. They’re participants in a rigged game, a game brought on by the GOP that has been rigged from the start, stacked with fanaticism, covered in religious dogmatism and religious bigotry, and filled with zealots who don’t seem to care about anything except pushing their own fervor on the American people. This game was rigged. I believe we will win the long game. But not in the 5th circuit.

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