The Fab Five rides again


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I received an email today from Pennsylvania Senatorial candidate John Fetterman. And what ray of sunshine the man is! Fetterman is a happy warrior! And his team sends beautiful thank you notes when one donates. Donate and see it for yourself! This email was not just sunny and positive but contained some interesting information.

He spoke about the “Flippable Five.” Yep. Fetterman has launched the “Flippable Five.” These are all Democrats running for the Senate hoping to flip the seats now held by republicans. They consist of:

Cheri Beasley in North Carolina.

Val Demings in Florida.

Mandela Barnes in Wisconsin.

Tim Ryan in Ohio.

Jon Fetterman in Pennsylvania.

And the Flippable Five have so much in common. They are all great candidates. They are all facing elections we can win if we put the work in. And they’re all facing an onslaught of attacks from their GOP rivals.

This is a great idea; I’m sure money is already pouring in. These five races will define who has control of the Senate. It is my hope that EACH AND EVERY ONE of these candidates wins their respective races. And they can. They just need our help to do it. The polls are closer in some states than others, but ALL of the races are competitive, and all can be won.

Can you imagine if we won all five — flipped these five? We could do so much! So please — do not forget ANY of these candidates — they’re the flippable five, and with our help, they will be our next Senators.


Palmer Report 2024 GoFundMe

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