The end of Ron Johnson

While much of the media’s focus has been the ongoing drama about infrastructure and a push for their favorite trope of “Democrats in disarray,” they’ve largely neglected what the GOP is pushing in plain view. Even beyond the fact that they couldn’t care less about the Jan 6 insurrection or defaulting on all of the debts that were largely accrued under the former guy’s administration, Republicans have announced exactly what they intend to do if they take back the Senate.

To be more specific, their idiotic strategy was revealed on none other than Fox and Friends, where Ron Johnson, the Wisconsin senator already known for shooting his mouth off about the insurrection decided to say the quiet part aloud: “I hope the Progressives stand their ground so that nothing happens. That’ll be the best result, and then, when we win in November 2022, we can start reversing the damage of the Biden administration of the Progressive left, and we’ll pass real obtstructure programs and bills, and we’ll repurpose that $700 billion that isn’t even scheduled to be spent until 2022-2028.”


Yes, that’s not a typo – obstructure might as well be something, or the only thing to credit the party with, as under Mitch McConnell’s leadership they’ve managed to obstruct every positive piece of legislation for the country, all while offering no original ideas of their own in return. Johnson, in one of the more vulnerable Senate seats next year, essentially admitted that the money being set aside will instead be spent on a tax cut to the donors who helped him get re-elected. The good news is that by denying him a third term, we can actually increase our Senate majority next year and make it that much easier to pass legislation the American people deserve.

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