The DOJ has likely seized a lot more Trump world cellphones this week than just Mike Lindell

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The Feds didn’t tell us they seized Mike Lindell’s phone, Mike Lindell told us. He’s the one who announced the FBI surrounded him at a Hardee’s drive thru. It’s a reminder that the DOJ doesn’t announce what it’s doing. We’re only hearing about any given DOJ move if the target of that move decides to blab about it. Most of the moves being made by the DOJ right now are likely not surfacing as they happen.

How many Trump world cellphones is the DOJ known to have seized this past week? Three? The actual number of Trump world cellphones seized by the DOJ this past week could indeed be three, or it could be thirty.

Nor would the DOJ tell us if it’s searched anyone’s homes this past week. That only happens if the target blabs about it, or maybe if a nosy neighbor sees boxes being carried out and calls a local TV news crew to investigate.

And the DOJ would certainly not tell us if anyone in Trump world has cut a cooperation deal against Trump. The DOJ goes to great lengths to keep cooperators a secret, for their safety and so those cooperators can continue gathering evidence, and so on.

In fact anything the DOJ has done this past week, short of an arrest, we’re not going to know about it unless someone other than the DOJ has decided to make it public. The DOJ does seem to occasionally strategically leak things, but nothing that’s surfaced this week reads like that. What we’re seeing is all coming from the people on the other end of these things.

For all we know, it’s possible that every single person who’s had their cellphone seized this week has publicly announced it. Trump world people do love to play victim. But it’s just as possible that dozens of other phones were seized this week from Trump world people who are too embarrassed or frightened to announce it, like Lindell and a couple others have.

You know how some construction sites put up a tarped fence because they don’t want anyone gawking at what they’re building, and then some people rip tiny holes in the tarp, and you can peek in but you can only make out small isolated bits of what’s being built? That’s us trying to peek in at a DOJ criminal case while it’s being built.

Eventually the construction project begins to involve more people as it gets closer to completion, and so the holes we get to peek through begin to get larger. But even with as far along as the DOJ’s criminal case against Trump is, we’re still only seeing bits and pieces of it. The full picture is something we won’t see until Trump is indicted and the DOJ files it in court. Tick tock.

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