Donald Trump did WHAT?

Picture this: You’re at a gathering. Perhaps it’s a party or a concert, or a restaurant. No matter. What is important is what happens next. You’re approached by someone who wants to compliment you on your outfit. The two of you get into a conversation and you are amazed at the person’s friendliness and accessibility.

You are soon joined by a few of this person’s friends. They’re a merry and amicable bunch, and you just click as you all talk and laugh. They invite you to go out with them sometime. Of course, you say. Why not? Well, in this case, it would be better to say no. Because this group happens to be a cult, and they are “courting” you.

Cults live to suck people in. The scenario above happened to a friend of mine. Cults usually start seemingly harmless until one is pulled in. And for Ashli Babbitt, she fell victim to the Trump cult. And that ultimately got her killed on January 6.

And the leader of this cult called Maga — decided it might be nice to phone in and speak to Babbitt’s mother, who was at a rally for the Capitol insurrectionists in Washington D.C.

So he did. And said this: “It’s a terrible thing that has happened to a lot of people that are being treated very, very unfairly. That man who shot Ashli was a disgrace.”

That man was a police officer. And he only shot after Babbitt refused to listen to his direction. I feel for Babbitt’s mother. But the truth is this “movement” — this unhinged, disgusting movement is a cult. And right now, what this cult-master is doing is taking advantage of a mother’s grief. There really is no low to low for the Donald.

Does anyone really believe Donald Trump gives a damn about Babbitt or ANY of the members of his flock? Of course, he doesn’t. But these people gaze at him through eyes that are pools of worship, glimmering devotion, and fervent loyalty. In their minds, he can do no wrong. It’s the cult mindset.

And that’s why many of these people are doomed, like many cult members who came before them. Once you’re in, you’re in. Few ever escape. They can’t. The groups speak to them, filling some lonely and primal need. Most are sadly beyond all hope.