The Democrats’ secret weapon

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If you’re familiar with my work, you know well that I love water. I am a child of the sea. I marvel at it; I inhale it; I adore it. But water is not just about the ocean. Water, in general, is a deep part of the human experience. Up to 60% of the human adult body is comprised of water. Our skin alone contains 64% water, and our brains are composed of 73% water. Water is everywhere. And different articles are written for different purposes — to inform, warn, and tell a story.

This article is an homage – a celebration, if you will. It’s meant to be heartfelt and sincere. It’s a veneration of these who live among us — the Democratic women of water.

I wanted to celebrate them. There needs to be more celebration of women. In the last few months, republicans have not been kind to women. Many have besmirched women. This article seeks to honor them. And I see my sisters, my fellow women — some of them get discouraged. I see the lament in what Republicans are doing to us.

This article salutes the women of water — those women who spend their lives using activism to make America a better place. And women were President Biden’s secret weapon. They were Wisconsin’s secret weapon last week when we took back the Wisconsin supreme court. Who on this beautiful green earth deserves celebration more than our women of water?

Water is all around is. It glows. So are the passions — the unbroken spirits — of our Democratic women. Like the activists who came before them, today’s women KNOW how beautiful this planet is. And without these very people, we would not be where we are. We would not have made the strides — the progress — that we have.

Women’s rights are under attack because a certain political party fears women. They fear their clarity and independence. They are terrified of women as single units.

We, the women of water, are working hard to cleanse this country from evil, from returning to the Cave people’s time. We have won every fight we’ve entered. We’re valiant, and we’re free and will always remain so.

Today we received news that President Biden and the Department of Justice will fight the abortion pill ruling. I think we’ll win.

I think we’ll win every single fight that we engage in because, like water, we are fluid; we are streams with purpose and with wisdom. And we know that we will never give up, whatever they try and whatever evil moves they make, we will triumph like our sisters and fellow activists before us.

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