The bad news is clearly getting to Donald Trump

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Finally. We’re starting to talk about life in prison for Rudy Giuliani, Michael Flynn, Trump & Co. It was long in coming but January 6th sealed it for them. Rudy infamously declared that he had some kind of insurance policy on Trump which is why he could get away with Trump never throwing him under the bus. We still don’t know exactly what that is, and in the Trump & Co. crime world, it could be anything. But there’s reason now to think the insurance policy evaporated.

The Feds raided his office and took almost 28,000 pieces of evidence. Rudy no longer has leverage on anyone now because there’s not much room for negotiation once the Feds have the goods. And with that many communications, the Feds surely have evidence not just against Trump, but probably Mike Pompeo, Bill Barr, and others who were corruptly doing Trump’s illegal bidding throughout his administration.

Rudy will always be remembered for his Four Seasons Total Landscaping hilarity. But now it looks like he will also serve as a warning against the mob. Unless he can show the prosecutors his testimony is still worth something, he will likely live out his life in prison.

The choices are dwindling fast and none of them are good. Trump went on Hannity and again made a fool of himself, missing Hannity’s metaphor about banging his head against the wall in response to Biden’s presidency. Trump bizarrely went on for hundreds of words after that about his Mexico border wall, riffing to Kim Jong Un and the Olympics. The bad news is clearly getting to him.

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