Ted Cruz now under investigation

Ted Cruz is a deranged extremist, a deadly insurrectionist, a creepy weirdo, and pathological liar. He’s also financially corrupt, and if there’s a way to oust him, that just might be it.

To that end, a Special Inspector General is now investigating how Ted Cruz allegedly had pandemic lending rules changed in order to benefit his political donors. Texas Public Radio says the Special Inspector General is going so far as to seek copies of Cruz’s communications with the Trump-era Treasury Department. It’s worth keeping in mind that the Treasury Department is now under the control of Janet Yellen, an honest broker, and she’ll surely cooperate with any legitimate investigation.

So we’ll see where this goes. We just watched Donald Trump defeated not with a single stroke of a magic wand, but instead after he had been subjected to a thousand proverbial cuts. The more investigations there are into the scandals of someone like Ted Cruz, the more likely the results will add up to ending his political career.

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