Ted Cruz just stepped in it

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Have you ever experienced a time when someone disliked you or an aspect of yourself for no apparent reason? There are many reasons why such phenomena could occur. And I’d like to talk about one of them.

Sometimes someone dislikes a person — or a group of people because these people have something that the disliker lacks. You may have heard of the phenomenon of disliking in someone else what one lacks in themselves. It happens quite frequently.

For example, a person who is always late to work and not very motivated may instinctively dislike a coworker who has perfect attendance. That’s just one example. It’s my belief that many in Maga-world dislike democrats because we have something they lack — pure compassion.

The motivations for many democrats are idealistic and pure — helping others less fortunate. And sometimes that drives republicans absolutely crazy. It seems to drive Ted (Rafael) Cruz crazy. Ah, Rafael — here is an example of a man who does not appear to know about things like idealism, human compassion, and purity.

Mr. Rafael Cruz definitely flunked the purity test. This might be why Rafael freaked out on his podcast the other day. His beef with democrats? Wearing lapel pins to show solidarity with Ukraine.

Cruz, appearing to be off his rocker, also was upset about Ukraine flags. Rafael said this, which I think is quite telling: “A Ukrainian flag has become like a COVID mask. It’s a sign to show your virtue.”

Now think about that statement (and the bitterness behind those words.). And while you’re considering it, think about the large amount of Maga who (particularly on social media) get upset when they see a Twitter profile with a Ukrainian flag. (And there are many.)

I believe that on some level, perhaps unconsciously, they envy us. Ukraine is pure. Their motivations in this war with Putin are simply to end it. And we love them and show support and solidarity when we can. And this is apparently driving Cruz crazy. But why? Why is it so hard for him to understand?

Because Rafael does not have the purity gene, he does not have compassion. As I said, a lot of this is subconscious. And, of course, much of it is political. But not all of it. For folks in the Maga camp, something inside them withers when they see a Ukrainian flag.

Compassion and empathy can’t be bought. These emotions are pure as the driven snow. And every time we show these emotions, Maga and folks like Rafael get angrier, and anger and angrier. That’s because they lack the purity gene. They flunked the compassion test. And they can never feel the beauty of showing solidarity and giving back.

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