Ted Cruz is an idiot

Back when Donald Trump was running for president in 2016, one of his competitors was Ted Cruz. Trump was particularly nasty to Cruz, calling his wife ugly and accusing Cruz’s father of being involved in President Kennedy’s assassination. Trump’s accusation was ridiculous and calling Cruz’s wife ugly was just downright mean. Trump ultimately won the Republican nomination, and after he became “president,” Cruz became one of his chief ass kissers. In case Cruz is not aware, we elect people to lead, not follow.

No matter how steep the slope, Cruz followed Trump. He even followed him into the abyss of falsely claiming that Trump won the 2020 election. Like Josh Hawley, Cruz was fundraising even as our Capitol was under siege. According to the Intelligencer, his former staff members are “disgusted” by Cruz. They are late; we have been disgusted for some time. According to these staffers, Cruz is “unrecognizable” to them. They must have seen a side of him to which none of us were privy. When he made the decision to object to legally cast votes giving Joe Biden the presidency, he crossed the line of no return. Even his hometown paper wants nothing to do with him. The Houston Chronicle called for his resignation immediately following the riot, and now, the paper refers to him as “the shame of Texas” and one of the “seditious sixteen.” Likely, this does not even bother Ted Cruz, as he has no shame, and we all know it.

After all Ted Cruz has done to contribute to the conspiracy theories about the 2020 election, he has the unimaginable nerve to announce his attendance at Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s inauguration. According to Business Insider, Cruz has been spreading disinformation since November. The outlet further reveals that he brazenly announced to Congress his intent to challenge the results as if he is some type of authority. He joined in the challenge to negate Arizona’s votes, and after the mob was cleared from the Capitol, he continued with his objection and joined the objection to certification of Pennsylvania’s votes.

Several Republicans withdrew their objections after the riot, but not Cruz and Hawley. They were determined to keep the controversy going. As a result of Cruz’s decision to object to certification, his communications director, Lauren Blair Biachi, quit her job. Why is it that people close to Cruz can see what he did was wrong, but he does not? According to BI, Cruz claimed to be “trying to find a way to reestablish widespread trust in the system.” Bullshit. If that were true, he would not have signed onto Trump’s disinformation campaign, which is the reason people do not trust the system.

Cruz is one of the most despicable people in Washington. How dare he now act like he did nothing wrong and have his staff announce his presence at the inauguration of the very team he tried to discredit? Something is wrong with Ted Cruz, and nothing will fix it other than unceremoniously removing him from office.

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