Donald Trump isn’t exactly taking the news well

Many on the right continue to insist that this latest news showing Donald Trump acting in concert with Russia is some sort of grand “Deep State” conspiracy or mere hatred of him. But we have a real crisis on our hands in the United States of America, and it has nothing to do with our southern borders being invaded. An invasion by foreigners of our borders and our nation’s fabric looks more and more like it happened, but it involved Russians invading, not Hispanics.

As has been reported by Palmer Report, Trump appears to have been working closely with Putin and the Kremlin to act against United States interests all along. How do we know there is fire where the smoke is? Trump went on a tweet binge again early on Saturday, tweeting only once about the plan he has for the border but also spewing out the bullshit spin he does when the walls close in on him – four tweets attacking the New York Times “fake news” report, one bizarre retread of a tweet about how he has been tougher on Russia than any other president, one attacking ex-FBI officials and trying to create some great spin of efforts against him, and then one more attacking a Washington Post reporter.

The news that the FBI was looking into Trump’s ties to Russia should concern all Americans, regardless of party. We are all old enough to remember a time when the Russians were not trusted and when we were all against their influence. We should be very concerned about a president who has lied repeatedly about connections to Russia, whose closest allies have repeatedly provided false testimony about what meetings they had, and about a president who continues to talk about how we should have a warm and comfortable relationship with Russia.

This is a president who may well have won with Russian assistance, and this week’s testimony of Secretary Mnuchin appears to have been a complete waste of time, with no good reasons why sanctions against Oleg Deripaska and his companies are being lifted. The House, FBI and Special Counsel should dig into all of this, as well as into why GOP leaders such as Lindsey Graham have become such codependents of Trump. We have been invaded and have an emergency, but it is from Russia, with love (for Trump and GOP).