Donald Trump, sulking and alone, sees things get even worse for him

“President” Donald J. Trump is in Argentina, for the G20 Summit, sulking and alone. Reports are that Russian President Vladimir Putin will try to have an “impromptu meeting” to discuss who knows what with him. His two handlers, Putin and Mohammed bin Salman, are captured with large smiles on their face and shaking hands, two murderers whose crimes have been defended and dismissed by Trump. In the meantime, Trump is creating spin about his Trump Tower Moscow plot, and in the process, he appears to have confessed to additional potential illegalities.

For example, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977 prohibits the bribery of foreign officials through the payment of any rewards. In the last twenty-four hours, reports have emerged that Trump had apparently promised Putin a free $50 million penthouse if the project was completed. If the gifting of a penthouse was done to influence Putin in pursuit of the business relationship, a violation of the FCPA would be the result. The FCPA, like many criminal statutes, does not require that the deal be finalized.

Trump, as noted previously by Palmer Report, is taking the position that because he did not know if he would win the election, he was still doing business when he explored a Moscow building, calling his efforts “very legal and very cool.” But alas, like many things that Trump claims, doing so would not be legal or cool. Trump’s partner on the matter, Felix Sater, confirmed that Trump planned to give Putin the penthouse if the tower had been built.

Trump apparently is a big fan of the Village People’s song, “YMCA.” If the facts continue to emerge on this rotten Russia deal, Trump will be able to sing a new song lyric to that tune, “It’s fun to stay in jail due to violating the FCPA.”

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