Hillary Clinton slam dunks Ivanka Trump

Donald Trump and the Republican Party spent the entire 2016 election cycle pretending that Hillary Clinton had somehow committed a crime through her use of private email for government business, even though 1) it’s not illegal, and 2) there weren’t even rules against it when she did it. Now that Ivanka Trump has been caught using private email for government business after rules were put in place against it, the tables have turned.

House Democrats have vowed to hold hearings into Ivanka Trump’s email usage, which does not appear to have been illegal, but was nonetheless absurd, given her father’s ongoing negative obsession with personal email usage. Ivanka has tried to make the scandal go away by appearing on network television and insisting that her email usage was somehow not remotely equivalent to that of Hillary Clinton. That was enough to prompt Hillary to enter the fray.

Hillary Clinton’s former communications director Nick Merrill posted this tweet: “I hate talking about emails. I don’t want to talk about emails. We have so many other things to think about right now that are important to peoples’ lives and need solving, but this nonsense with Ivanka this morning was nothing short of outrageous.” Hillary then retweeted it, making clear that she agrees with the condemnation of Ivanka.

Thus far Ivanka Trump hasn’t responded to being called out by Hillary Clinton. We’ll see what the House Democrats do about this Ivanka scandal once they take control in early January. That is, of course, if a rapidly devolving Donald Trump hasn’t gotten himself ousted from office by that time.

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