Donald Trump has somehow managed to leave his rally goers stranded in the cold AGAIN

It’s happened again. Earlier this week Donald Trump and his shambolic campaign managed to leave thousands of Omaha rally attendees stranded in the freezing cold after dark after the event ended, and several of them ended up in the hospital with hypothermia. Not content to merely endanger his supporters in Nebraska, Trump has now done basically the same thing to his fans in Pennsylvania.

CNN correspondent DJ Judd ended up tweeting this tonight: “Trump has finished and left, but there’s thousands of supporters who have been let loose into the night with no sign of the shuttles they’ve been told will take them back to parking. People are filling the street, blocking the road for ambulances and police.” He included photos of Trump fans wandering around lost in the dark, and pointed out that it was 41 degrees outside at the time.


This comes amid a new Stanford study that says roughly seven hundred people have died from coronavirus as a direct result of Donald Trump’s campaign rallies. Not content to give them the plague, Trump is now also trying to freeze them to death. His endgame just keeps getting more bizarre – and deadly.

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