Frazzled Donald Trump Jr nearly cries during disastrous TV interview

Donald Trump Jr’s behavior in public has become increasingly frantic, erratic, jittery, and incoherent over the past few months. If he’s not abusing some kind of “upper” drugs, then he’s psychologically unraveling in a manner that mimics drug abuse.

This past week, Trump Junior’s behavior has been even more disturbing than ever. In particular, he seems to completely lose it whenever he tries to discuss the phony Hunter Biden scandal; it’s as if he takes it personally that real news outlets and the American public have rejected a fake scandal about his father’s opponent’s son.

In any case, when Donald Trump Jr appeared on Fox News tonight, his voice kept cracking and he appeared to be nearly in tears over the fact that no one will believe what he’s peddling about Hunter Biden:

This is all so disturbing. Donald Trump Jr has committed a number of felonies, from campaign finance violations to conspiring with Kremlin representatives, and he needs to go to prison. But it’s also clear that he needs some kind of professional help. Hopefully after Donald Trump loses, this can all get sorted out. It’s getting hard to watch.

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