Why Stormy Daniels’ new accusations about Donald Trump are so crucial (it’s not what you think)

Stormy Daniels is going to release a new book about Donald Trump just before the November elections, and predictably, it focuses on the salacious details of their affair. The book is getting headlines today due to Stormy’s humorous methods of insulting Trump’s anatomy, and the internet is getting a good laugh about it. But there is something very important about this: the timing.

It’s been several days since Paul Manafort cut a plea deal against Donald Trump. It’s also been several days since Dr. Christine Blasey Ford accused Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of attempted rape. Trump, who almost never hesitates to launch vicious Twitter attacks on anyone who sells him out, or for that matter anyone who stands in his way, has been almost shockingly tepid of late. Sure, he’s attacked Robert Mueller and the Democrats. But he hasn’t even mentioned Manafort, and he hasn’t said a single bad word about Ford.

It’s almost as if Trump has been trying to come off as – what’s the word? – normal. He’s not doing a particularly convincing job of it, of course. For reasons known only to him, he’s decided that it’s in his best interest not to launch deranged tirades at the people who have been causing him the most trouble this past week. This means that Stormy Daniels’ new accusations about the size and shape of his genitals are about to serve as a test of whether Trump really can keep his mouth under control.

Has Donald Trump been keeping quiet about Manafort and Ford because his spirit has been broken? Is he listening to his lawyers for once? Have his advisers begun slipping horse tranquilizers into his morning coffee? We’ll see if he can keep quiet now that Stormy has accused him of looking like Toad from Mario Kart. There’s some fun in this – but in the midst of a week like this, the timing is what’s crucial here.