Donald Trump’s psychotic press conference sends the stock market off a cliff

When Donald Trump spent his press conference today refusing to answer basic questions and viciously attacking reporters for daring to ask them, it wasn’t just mainstream Americans who were listening. Wall Street was apparently also listening to Trump today as he made clear that he has no answers and that he doesn’t want to be president anymore.

The Dow Jones had a bad morning, but around the time Donald Trump began his press conference, it was holding steady at around 20,000 points. But by the time Trump was done screwing around at the podium and making clear that the United States has no President, investors had decided to begin selling off.

There was a brief attempt at a rally after Donald Trump had stopping running his mouth, but ultimately the market closed all the way down at 19,173. There have been a few times this week where the Dow Jones dipped down before where it had been on the day Trump took office. But today was the first time the market officially closed below where it was when Trump took office. So this is yet anther ugly milestone in Trump’s historically disastrous fake presidency.

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