House Democrat Steve Cohen says he saw Lauren Boebert giving Capitol tour; she denies it

Several House Democrats have accused certain House Republicans of having given “reconnaissance tours” of the Capitol just before the building was invaded by domestic terrorists. House Democrats have gone so far as to confirm that they’ve referred the matter to law enforcement for investigation. However, no one has named names… until now.

House Democrat Steve Cohen appeared on CNN earlier today and told Jake Tapper that he and House Democrat John Yarmouth saw House Republican Lauren Boebert giving a large tour of the Capitol sometime between January 3rd and January 6th. Cohen added the caveat that he didn’t know whether the people in the tour were Capitol invaders, or merely her friends and family.

In response to the allegation, Lauren Boebert is denying the entire thing, insisting that she didn’t give any tours to anyone during that time period. Notably, due to the pandemic, it would have been against the rules for Boebert to be giving a large tour to anyone during that timeframe, even harmless people. Given the number of witnesses (and presumably security cameras) involved, we expect the real truth to come out soon enough, whatever the story may be.

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