Steve Bannon goes berserk as it all falls apart

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NOOOOOOOOOO! This cry of anguish came from nobody’s favorite criminal, Steve Bannon. Nobody is taking the Republican wipe-out worse than Bannon, who lashed out on Wednesday at his own party.

Bannon, casting about wildly for someone to assign blame to, chose the RNC. He said they failed to convince Trump voters to come out to vote.

“Trump delivers MAGA,” the idiot screamed wildly. “Trump delivers MAGA. This was a turnout issue,” the scraggly podcaster and criminal screamed. “The hapless, feckless RNC failed to get our people out.”

I’ve got news for Bannon. I agree! I agree with the fact that the RNC is hapless and feckless. I’m afraid I have to disagree with the problem. So allow me to address Mr. Bannon himself and point him to the REAL issue.

Hi Stevie! Listen, you’ve got it wrong (as usual.) The RNC did not cause the Republican wipeout. You caused it. I know that is hard to believe. But it’s all too horribly true. You caused it. And Donald Trump caused it.

And Ron DeSantis. And Governors Youngkin and DeWine. Mike Johnson and Gym Jordan, and many others in the GOP. And this is because the whole lot of you are a bunch of cold, pathetic, whimpering COWARDS, Woman haters, LGBTQ haters, haters of everything except Donald Trump and MAGA.

You hate women, you desire to steal their rights, and you are a nasty brood who, in the spirit of injustice collectors everywhere, do nothing except scream GRIEVANCE, GRIEVANCE, GRIEVANCE. The American people don’t care about your grievances, little Steve. The fact is your party is not a party anymore — they’re the ultimate cult of whining, brooding, injustice-collecting grievance addicts who can’t string two sentences together if said sentences do not include the words “woke” and “Hunter Biden.”

And the electorate, filled with freedom-long GOOD people, saw it. And they said no. Believe it or not, most sane people do NOT want the government in their Doctor’s offices with them, Stevie. Most people think that idea is more than a bit disgusting.

So that is the REAL reason, you pack of losers lost AGAIN.. Of course, you won’t admit it. I understand. Who wants to admit to being a loser? So take your whining and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. Of course, you can continue your wails of rage. All that will do is amuse us MORE as we continue to destroy you in election after election.

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