Hope Hicks just stepped in it, and Robert Mueller’s job just got so much easier

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There was a fictional FBI agent on The West Wing who once said that all the investigative prowess in the world isn’t as powerful as criminals doing stupid things. During the course of the Trump-Russia scandal, we’ve been reminded time and again that this is true in real life. One day after she resigned from the White House, Hope Hicks has been caught doing something so incredibly stupid, it’s about to make Robert Mueller’s job a whole lot easier.

During her time working in Donald Trump’s criminal enterprise of a White House, Hicks kept a diary. according to an on-air report by Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC. What’s in it? That’s not being said. But here’s the thing. Hicks was brand new to politics. Trump once publicly bragged that he hired her despite her total lack of experience or qualifications for working in the field. She wouldn’t have known not to keep a diary, and she wouldn’t have known what to avoid putting in her diary. Nor would she have known that her diary is now the de facto property of Mueller.

Mueller simply has to get a judge to sign off on a subpoena, and Hope Hicks will have to turn her diary over as evidence. If she was naive enough to keep a diary while working in the White House, then she was likely naive enough to write down the obstruction crimes she saw Trump committing. Maybe she even documented her own obstruction. On top of that, who knows what else is in this diary that will clue in Mueller about additional avenues he should investigate?

In fairness to Hope Hicks, at least she was so woefully unprepared and unqualified for the job, perhaps she can’t be blamed for not knowing any better. That’s as opposed to Donald Trump’s former White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, who also kept notes in a diary, even though he had been in politics long enough to know better. Robert Mueller reportedly already has Priebus’ notes. But we’re guessing Hicks’ notes are far more unguarded than Priebus’ were. This is Mueller’s lucky day.

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