Donald Trump falls apart

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While everyone is watching North Korea and Russia dealing with their nuclear weapons, the real meltdown is happening right here in Washington DC. While most of the departures from the Trump White House are simple ‘get the hell out, see ya, goodbye’ from the Dear Donald, the departure of Hope Hicks is perhaps the most significant personal loss to Trump since he became President.

She was his ‘everywoman.’ She was willing to do quite literally anything he asked. Her history runs back well before Trump decided to run for President and his bond with her is deeper than with anyone but Ivanka. While we could get mushy and sentimental, there is also a serious pragmatic part to his depression over her departure: She knows where every single body is buried. She knows every corrupt business deal, she knows who Trump ripped off and she knows everyone lawyer/pitbull Michael Cohen sued or countersued at Trump’s request.

So the obvious question is whether Hope would go to prison for her boss, or decide she’s not really built for prison and spill everything she knows to Bob Mueller. This will drive Trump near the cliff. His White House is already saying they are in complete meltdown, and each day brings new issues. National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster is apparently on his way out the door, but no one’s departure will affect Trump like Hope will.

There is very little evidence that he cares about anyone but himself. Except for Ivanka and Jared, who’s likely off the holiday gift list after the new revelation that he landed half a billion dollars in private loans after meetings in the White House, Hope was the last spot in the last life boat on the SS Trump. With her gone, it’s likely we’ll see it taking on water even faster.


Hope Hicks was his comfort blanket. She could tell him to stop behaving badly, and she had a power over him no one else did. Now that she’s safely out of his reach, the night sweats will keep Trump up at night, wondering what she’ll tell Robert Mueller. Expect the 3am tweet storms to be epic. If Hope chooses freedom over prison, Donald Trump has valid reasons to be terrified.

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