Stephen Miller is in deep trouble

This week Stephen Miller, who has arguably become the most influential political adviser remaining in Donald Trump’s rapidly emptying White House, wants to prevent immigrants from obtaining citizenship if they’ve ever relied on any government program. It demonstrates once and for all that his anti-immigration policies have nothing to do with the rule of law, and that the man is simply a depraved white supremacist. But guess what? Miller has a huge legal problem.

This past week, Special Counsel Robert Mueller formalized his request to interview Donald Trump about his various criminal scandals. One of the points of contention is Trump’s unwillingness to answer questions about his obstruction of justice. This is ostensibly because so many of Trump’s current and former underlings have been interviewed by Mueller about their participation in Trump’s obstruction schemes. Not only can Mueller use their testimony to nail Trump for obstruction, he can also use it to nail Trump if he lies during the interview, which is a federal crime itself. So what does this have to do with Stephen Miller? It turns out he’s the star witness.

Back when Robert Mueller decided late last year to begin interviewing Donald Trump’s underlings about Trump’s obstruction of justice, Mueller went to Stephen Miller first. That tells us that Mueller views Miller as having been the key figure in Trump’s obstruction efforts. It’s not difficult to connect this to the widespread reporting that Miller helped Trump draft a letter firing FBI Director James Comey, which was then scuttled by the White House Counsel for being too incriminating; Mueller now has a copy of that letter.

In other words, if the widespread reporting from last year is correct, then Robert Mueller has Stephen Miller nailed for conspiring with Donald Trump to obstruct justice. That’s a felony. If Miller has been cooperating, maybe he’ll get off comparatively easy. But considering that Mueller has long viewed Miller as the key to the obstruction puzzle, Miller is in trouble. He’d better enjoy his current influence while he can, because it’s all coming to a head soon.

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