Donald Trump should have stayed in bed

“President” Donald Trump does not appear to sleep, but he should. His semi-coherent early morning tweets, when most of us are sleeping, are full of delusional nonsense. Trump, the Twitter blocker and parrot of the phrase, “Enemy of the people” when it comes to the real media, tweeted this morning:

“The best thing ever to happen to Twitter is Donald Trump.” @MariaBartiromo So true, but they don’t treat me well as a Republican. Very discriminatory, hard for people to sign on. Constantly taking people off list. Big complaints from many people. Different names-over 100 M ….. But should be much higher than that if Twitter wasn’t playing their political games. No wonder Congress wants to get involved – and they should. Must be more, and fairer, companies to get out the WORD!”

He might be correct as to Twitter loving having him on the platform, with his tweets leading to a conversation and a large amount of activity. However, other than that, no idea what Trump is complaining about. There is no evidence that the platform, or any social media platform, is against the Republican party. And when it comes to the word “discriminatory,” he does not appear to know its meaning. What he means by people having difficulty signing on is unknown.

Taking “people” off the list is a misnomer. Twitter does periodically clean up and remove bots and fake accounts, which are not legitimate and should be removed. And Donald Trump has just over half of the 100 million he purports to have, as his account currently lists 59.9M followers. Delusional Donnie should get some winks of sleep and get off this platform he considers so unfair.

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