Donald Trump has delusional meltdown about how many of his own people have sold him out

The newly released (redacted) Mueller report appears to reveal that the likes of Don McGahn, Steve Bannon, Hope Hicks, Reince Priebus and others all sold Trump out rather thoroughly on obstruction of justice. Of course you already knew that if you’ve been paying attention to media reports for the past year and a half. But Donald Trump, ever delusional, and devoid of direct contact with real news, may not have understood that until now. In fact he still doesn’t appear to have accepted it.

During yesterday’s White House Easter Egg Roll, an event that’s supposed to be focused on the children in attendance, Donald Trump instead made it all about him. He told the on-site media that the Mueller report can’t be truthful because “nobody disobeys my orders.” This is a remarkable level of delusion, even for Trump. He’s trying to convince himself that his own people didn’t defy his illegal orders, even though he was there and he lived it. Huh?

We’re tempted to try to parse the logic that Donald Trump is employing here, but we’re left to conclude that there is no logic here. Trump is just embarrassed by the fact that McGahn and others stood up to him, and that he ended up caving to them – and he particularly doesn’t like that the public is finding out that he caved to his own underlings.

Of course not wanting to admit that his own people stood up to him is just cover for not wanting to admit that his own people sold him out. As all of the above people prepare to publicly testify before the House about Donald Trump’s obstruction antics, most of us will be focused on the legality of the orders that Trump gave, and the legal punishment he should receive for it. But Trump will instead be focused on the humiliation of not having been able to control his own people. Small minds always think small.

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