Start the Nuremberg trials

Since Donald Trump took office, certain federal law enforcement agents have been engaging in increasingly criminal behavior. We’ve seen ICE and Border Patrol kidnap immigrant kids from their parents and hold them hostage in cages. Now we’re seeing federal agents tear gassing and kidnapping peaceful protesters.

These agents are nothing more than street thugs with a badge, and once Trump is gone, we’re going to spend years sorting out their criminal trials. Hundreds of federal agents will serve lengthy prison sentences. There will be a national debate over whether the agents who have murdered immigrant kids should get the death penalty. America will end up having its own version of the Nuremberg trials.

Now it turns out some of these agents are getting their feelings hurt about being called out for their deranged, psychotic, violent, thuggish, criminal behavior. They’re insisting that they’ve merely been following orders. Okay, fine. Ask the Nazis how that defense worked out for them when they were on trial at Nuremberg.


It’s not just Donald Trump who’s going to prison when this is over. It’s not just his criminal kids. It’s not just his criminal Attorney General, or his criminal Acting DHS Secretary. We’re looking at thousands of prison sentences being handed out. We’re potentially looking at entire federal agencies being disbanded and rebuilt from scratch. “I was just following orders” isn’t a defense when you’re kidnapping an American or murdering an immigrant child.

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