Donald Trump is making a huge mistake

Here’s the thing about Donald Trump: he just keeps using the same gameplan over and over again, without any regard for whether it’s working. Treating the pandemic like a joke drove his poll numbers lower, so he’s still treating it like a joke. His racist antics have finally caused the suburbs to sour on him, so he’s doubling down on his racism. Now he’s making another big mistake.

Yesterday the Governor of Oregon announced that the Trump regime had begun pulling its federal agent goons out of Portland. It was a striking defeat for Donald Trump, who bet big that by creating violent chaos in the city, he could scare suburban voters into coming back to him. Instead his poll numbers are uglier than ever, and everyone from moms to military veterans are taking to the streets to protest against him.

So now that Trump has lost his Portland gambit about as badly as he could lose it, he’s decided to repeat the same mistake in a few new cities, including Cleveland, Detroit, and Milwaukee. This will once again go poorly for him, because of course it will. We’ve already seen how this particular strategy plays out.


But don’t tell that to Donald Trump, who seems intent on failing over and over again in the exact same way. Perhaps that’s what we should expect from a guy who has spent his life making the same poor financial decisions and going bankrupt over and over again, never bothering to change strategy or learn anything along the way. Unfortunately for him, he can’t just declare bankruptcy and start over after each political mistake. His poll numbers just keep getting uglier, and he’s doing a a great job of driving them even lower.

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