Looks like John Bolton just stabbed Donald Trump in the back

You could write a book (and in fact several people have) about all the various ways in which Donald Trump has disqualified himself from the presidency. The guy’s a criminal, a racist, a serial sexual assaulter, a traitor, mentally unstable, and a whole host of other things that you can’t be if you’re president. But this latest revelation – which almost certainly came from John Bolton and his allies, given the timing – is the kind of disqualifier that even Republicans might care about.

Just a few hours after Donald Trump abruptly fired John Bolton for not being sufficiently pro-Taliban, someone in the Trump regime (hint: rhymes with “Bohn Jolton”) leaked a startling revelation to CNN. That revelation is that Donald Trump doesn’t think the United States should have spies in enemy foreign countries. Wait, what?

It’s not difficult to parse why Trump would feel this way. In general, he’s the kind of narcissist who wouldn’t want to spy on any nation whose leader strokes his ego. And more specifically, Trump is trying to cover for the fact that the CIA had to pull a crucial spy out of Russia in 2017, for fear that Trump had sold the spy out to Russian officials.


The thing is, if you were searching for the rare issue that everyone across the political spectrum would agree on, “we need spies in enemy nations, because they’re spying on us too” would certainly qualify. By pushing the idiotically naive notion that the U.S. shouldn’t have spies overseas, Trump is disqualifying himself from the presidency. Neoconservatives are going to eat Trump alive for this. Then again, that’s probably why a neoconservative like John Bolton decided to leak this. Our guess is that Bolton’s revenge is just getting started.

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