Lawrence O’Donnell just hit on something big about Donald Trump

Lawrence O’Donnell probably won’t mind if I refer to him as the second most insightful MSNBC host behind Rachel Maddow, because that’s intended as a compliment. Tonight he hit on something that we all probably should have seen coming, if not for the sheer chaos of the day’s news cycle.

Throughout the day, Palmer Report has been focusing on the ways in which newly fired John Bolton is already seeking short term revenge on Donald Trump, both by texting Fox News hosts with on-the-record comments, and by apparently anonymously leaking embarrassing things about Trump to the media. But O’Donnell managed to put his finger on the big prize for Bolton.

Now that John Bolton has been fired, and will likely never manage to land another government official position, he’s going to do what anyone else in his position would do: he’s going to cash in by writing a highly profitable book. We’ve already seen Donald Trump’s former advisers go one of two routes with this. Either they write a pro-Trump book and market it to Trump’s base, or they write an anti-Trump tell-all, and market it to everyone else out there. It’s pretty clear that Bolton will want to, and will have to, go the anti-Trump route.

This means that John Bolton can release an embarrassing book about Donald Trump during the 2020 election cycle, and cash in by putting Trump’s ugly dirty laundry out there. What will make this book different than previous anti-Trump insider books is the timing, as the bombshells from the book will be landing in real time during the election, meaning Trump will be having to play defense against all of it. Props to Lawrence O’Donnell for being the one to put his finger on this.

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