Spoiler alert

Spoiler alert: unless there’s an unexpected change in his health, Joe Biden will certainly run for reelection in 2024. This “will he, won’t he” talk is just ratings-driven media hype.

Donald Trump is the one who’s in very poor health and would have difficulty running in 2024 (he’ll be in prison anyway). But you hear almost no talk in the media these days about Trump’s visibly declining physical and cognitive health, or the fact that he’s in the process of being criminally indicted in New York and Georgia. Instead it’s just constant questions about whether Biden will seek reelection.


Biden doesn’t want to announce yet that he’s seeking reelection, because the media would start in with ridiculous narratives about that. But because Biden won’t publicly say yet that he’s running, the media is pretending that he might not run. None of it is based in reality, and all of it is based in dishonestly chasing ratings. Sadly, in 2021, almost the entire mainstream media has become the National Enquirer.

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