Spoiled brats

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I’m tired of it. I am tired of pathetic, spoiled little brats throwing fits, temper tantrums, and issuing threats when they don’t get their way. American terrorism is an ongoing threat. Many years ago, something like that would not have ever seemed possible.

It used to be we worried about threats from OTHER countries — not our own. But that is no more. Time and time again, we find ourselves at the mercy of a bunch of spoiled brats — people whose worldviews are so primordial and ancient that they will happily throw fits if they don’t get their way.

We see this, of course, with election denialism. It’s in Arizona, where election officials have been threatened with one actually having to go into hiding — all because of spoiled brats.

These spoiled brats delight in calling our elected officials vial names and acting like this country belongs to them and them only. It’s like others — with other opinions — do not even exist.

In Arizona, election deniers have been raging against good people whose only crime is obeying the law. One of these election deniers had the gall to call the election staff “traitors.” Spoiled brats.

Kari Lake has openly called for her own voters to get themselves arrested while protesting for her. Spoiled brat.

The DHS has come out and warned of American terror threats to the LGBTQ community as well as the Jewish community. Spoiled brats. Threats against migrants are skyrocketing. Spoiled, spoiled, spoiled brats. These people are not God though they seem to think they are. Time and again, they are mollycoddled as pundits try to understand just where they are coming from.

They are coming from, in my opinion, a place of spoiled brattiness. I have no sympathy for these people, and the more they rage against imaginary threats, the more they mindlessly carry on, the more they screech, and cuss and name-calling make me further believe.

It makes me believe that these people are the ultimate spoiled brats. They are little children in adult bodies who either were never told no or have never developed the coping skills on how to handle BEING told no.

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