Sorry Donald Trump, wrong answer!

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The Bad Seed is a classic novel about a child and the evil she brings. The book was terrifying, and the term “bad seed” became a term in popular culture and often refers to evil children. Donald Trump is a bad seed.

I refer to him as such because Donald Trump never grew up. He’s an infant, a child, with a child’s disposition. Throw in a little antisocial traits, and behold. You have a bad seed. Consider Trump’s response to Sean Hannity the other evening. Hannity was interviewing Trump, and the subject of his stealing classified documents came up.

Now — one would think an adult would say something like this: “It was a mistake, and I deeply regret it.” Not Donald. “I have the right to take stuff!!” It is the answer of a child — a wayward child who has not developed any critical thinking skills.

Hannity often does this. He tries to “rebrand” Trump or make his image seem a bit better. And it never works. The subject came up because Hannity asked Donald if he ever brought boxes of documents back from the white house.

“I know you,” Hannity said desperately. “I don’t think you would do it.” Hannity reminds me of one of those people in a perpetual state of denial. After all this time, it amazes me people have not yet seen the Donald for who he is: a bad seed.

And Trump refused to move on once the question was asked.

“I have the right to take stuff and look at stuff.”

“I have the right to look at stuff.” (Yes, he did repeat this answer.)

Trump then went on to insult the FBI. Hannity appeared dismayed. What did he think his buddy Trump would do? Actually, apologize? And I am glad Hannity had Trump on because it seemed to me that trump’s statements were confessions.

Does our bad seed know that Jack Smith and ALL the people looking into his crimes likely take note of what he says in his guest appearances? Trump probably does not. He is not brought up enough to consider that.

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