Someone at Fox News still has it out for Tucker Carlson

And then there was one: One real-life Agatha Christie novel. Let’s lay the foundation, friends, and readers. There are a host of suspects to choose from. All of them have means, motives, and opportunities. And the crime? The crime is sabotage — excellent, extensive, beautiful sabatage. This real-life mystery does not occur on a glamorous boat on the Nile. It doesn’t happen on a train or an evilly sunny island paradise. No, this little mystery is occurring in real-time right in Washington DC — the heart, the center, the hub of politics. And the victim? I’ll give you a hint. He’s vile. He’s horrid. He is one of the most hated men in America. And his name is Tucker Carlson.

The crime of sabotage is aimed at Tucker. Someone out there is trying to destroy him. Whoever could it be? The pool of suspects is vast. Every day it seems secrets are released — Tucker secrets. The other day it was his awful text. Days before, it was a tape of him insulting the Fox website.

SOMEONE has it in for little Tucker. SOMEONE is his worst enemy — and they are showing it. So — why could it be? Mr. Murdoch himself cannot be ruled out. He has a motive. He has means. He has the opportunity. But it could be someone from Dominion voting systems.Whoever it is, is reveling in Tucker’s implosion.

But wait! Perhaps it is someone on the Fox Non-News Board. It is being said that many of these board members wanted Tucker out. Or could it be a “friend?” Perhaps it’s another Fox anchor. Maybe they said to themselves: enough is enough.

As you can see — the pool of suspects is vast. And SOMEONE is engaging in sabatoge. Somewhere, somehow Tucker has before him an enemy — who is armed with the goods to take him down and take him down hard. And like any Christie book, this real-life mystery has many chapters to go. What will be revealed next? Will it be even worse than what we already know?

I think so. There is likely a plethora of information that is locked away, soon to see the light of day. And it all comes down to one person. And Tucker has no control over it. All he can do is wait for the enemy to strike once again.